My Journey
Firoz K A, Founder & Managing Director, Emdot Mincetech Pvt Ltd, EMBASE Pro Suit Pvt Ltd

Mincetech Brilliance Application Software for Education acronymically called EMBASE launched in 2019, currently experiencing in 75+ colleges in Kerala is the pioneer product of the company or better to say EMBASE caused the birth of its mother. 

EMBASE is the manifestation of my enthusiasm coupled with passion for technology enabled education which could save time and money spent for assignment and assessment of academic logistics in colleges.

The passion triggered from the experience when I was an Assistant Professor in a college and was asked to prepare ID cards for students and teachers. I could complete the usual months-long process of collecting data, proofing, validating and designing  in three days by framing a simple software. The unexpected appreciation and acknowledgement from colleagues for  the product inspired me to plan a software to do other logistics like attendance, admission, accounts, mark entry, transfer certificate ..etc. in an academic institution. 

Hurdles and Inspiration

The idea of complete software for higher-education institutions was shared among my friends. Although received a very much appealing response but as always limitation of capital limited my focus on it but I was committed to overcome this issue by burying my face in Laptop on every break spilled from my day and night. Still it was not enough for me or my software. I moved abroad for better bread and continued my work on the same but that was not enough.

Constant continuous support of Mr. Nasar, Principal of CM College Wayanad helped me to understand the requirements in administration of colleges. Mr. Nasar, who later turned to be the Director of the company and his college, was ready to receive the debut of our company. We hired one of my close friend Mr. Arsalan who was working in Techno Park, later turned to the director of the company and rented a single seat set up at Wayanad and started working for our dream. CM College Nadavayal was the pilot institution where we rectified and brought up complete error free software in 2019.

When the company turned to us from me, like everyone else who turns to software field, planned to move either Calicut or Cochin but the meeting with Dr. Saji Gopinath CEO of Kerala StartUp Mission changed our perspective about the business and company and decided to stay back in Wayanad.  When we struggled to pay the cloud rent, Kerala Startup Mission supported us with a support of 5000 USD which inspired me to think that we have a lot to go ahead.

Team Treasure and Technology

It was not easy for a 26 year old boy like me to dream of a company which could offer software service to higher education institutions affiliated to any Indian universities. As usual financial constraints could make me committed to my job but my ambition turned me sleepless. When I made use of my free time to its fullest to work on my dream but soon realized it was not enough.

Then I turned to grow from me to we so that the first two members of our team joined me. We hired the first one who later turned to director of the company renting a single seat and table at Panamanram which turned out to be a 500 sq feet office now. The demand from the institutions and ambitions for perfection compelled me to hire for more people to work. I started searching for good talents and landed in different colleges and adopted the outgoing students along providing food,  flat and stipend. I developed a team of engineers from my own company and when we reach in 2020 we are 15 team members which constitutes our company. 

Finding treasure for building a team and arranging technology was not easy. But my passion and commitment convinced my family and friends and they invested enough money to run our company which inspired me a lot along shouldering more responsibility on me. But when our business turned to second year, I could make a steady revenue for the Business up to now. When I added more clients I could not stop moving from a shared host to independent cloud setup, I realized cloud management engineers could only help us to meet the requirement of our customer to serve them effectively. Technology to such a big dream was a problem for me but my enquiry turned me to reach my old friend Mr. Navas who had more than 15 years of experience in cloud management systems.


EMBASE Pro Suit has three Version Standard, Professional and Enterprise Modules. In the next 5 years, the company sees all the colleges in Kerala using the Standard version of EMBASE Pro suit and 300 Professional and enterprise customers.

EMBASE Pro Suit enjoyed wide acknowledgement and appreciation from the customers who have experienced our technology in the last 3 years. Our each client is very happy and ready to receive our new intervention on the same applications to make their work easier and easier. Our each client is an ambassador of our company so that we could sell our product to 75+ satisfied customers in a short period.

Improving Education Quality with EMBASE Pro Suit
A Comprehensive Solution for Arts and Science Colleges